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Tracking Power


Once ordering, dispatching and billing are excellently, established routines, let's get strategic about tracking containers.

Automatic container tracking:

  • Empowers you with key container information that's accurate, up-to-date, and reliable
  • Rewards you with the potential for greater control - resulting in more profit

    Think about it.

    If you knew at the touch of a button where every container was, how it was used, when it was moving... the PAST, PRESENT, and projected FUTURE of every container... wouldn't this knowledge enhance your control over your expensive inventory? This opens a new world.

FASTPACE makes this new world possible with automatic tracking by the UNIT LOCATOR.

Let's look at container tracking control in two phases. The first phase is the immediate benefits of using FASTPace's Unit Locator feature. The second phase refers to the strategic use of real time container tracking.

FASTPace Unit Locator - Control Phase 1

Identifying consistently where containers sit and when containers move.

With the FASTPace Unit Locator, automatic and accurate tracking happens easily. It happens while you are dispatching. You'll receive real time information about where your containers presently sit and when they move. Learn more on the Unit Locator page.

Benefits of FASTPace Unit Locator:

  • You know everything about your containers
    Unit Locator connects container # and size to:
    - Order #, Customer, Site, Invoice, Date
    - Price, Deal, Landfill, Driver

  • You control inventory
    - Availability and Usage
    - Purchasing

When you have specific knowledge about your containers, then you're able to utilize them to greater advantage.

Using Tracking Strategically - Control Phase 2

Utilizing your containers more strategically.

In this second phase of inventory control, the purpose is to increase the usage of your containers. We will share a strategy to increase revenues, RENTING; and we'll also challenge you to consider a new concept. With automatic tracking many options become possible.

Renting Containers

FASTPace is designed to calculate rent.

  • You define the terms, i.e. rental rate, grace days, who to charge
  • FASTPace will use these terms and do the work for you

RENT is a strategic way to generate revenue with residential customers:

  • Encouraging customers to use containers in a certain time period
  • Generating revenue if a customer wants it longer

When you automatically track containers many options are possible. Here's a new concept for increasing the usage of your containers. Here's a flavor of it.

Pre-Selling Containers

Logic: You motivate the customer to use the container within a designated time frame. If the customer needs it longer, the customer must rent it for a weekly not a daily rate. 90% of the time the container is picked-up in the original time frame. Having consistency in pick-up allows the owner to promise the containers to other customers or pre-sell their use before they return.

Let's Talk Roll-Off
Call us and let's talk roll-off. We'd be glad to discuss container tracking and growing your profits more specifically. Give us a call at 1-888-935-1911.

FASTPace System Software does the work.

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