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Annual Licensing and Maintenance Program

Licensing and software maintenance programs are a regular business practice in the software industry. There are many reasons why keeping an ongoing relationship with your software company makes good sense. Below are listed the main benefits of our FASTPace Support Program:

1) Unlimited Phone Support
2) FASTPace offers the newest technology
3) Insurance policy - minimizing downtime and loss of revenue

Unlimited Support: Unlimited support means when you have questions or a problem with FASTPace software, you can call us free of charge. Unlimited support means that if your system crashes, you can call us immediately. We’ll work with you and your technicians to recover your system and minimize the downtime.

Unlimited support also means training the new employees and offering refresher training for your current staff to aid in making full use of the system. In addition, the production line critiques are most beneficial! We work with you to strategically use the FASTPace program to its fullest potential. Our consultants will give you their expert advice to assure that FASTPace and your office team are blending so that great productivity occurs.

Newest Technology:
The software industry is moving at a very quick pace. It is constantly evolving and growing. Our goal is to incorporate the new technologies- new versions of Microsoft Windows, internet capabilities, the evolving GPS and cell phone applications - into our software system and be a leader in the computerization of the roll-off industry. .

Insurance Policy:
The licensing and maintenance program is an insurance policy, minimizing days or weeks of downtime and loss of revenue. Just as car insurance helps you with the untimely accident, a software maintenance agreement will minimize your costs and downtime when that unwanted virus hits, a hardware failure or other serious problems occur.

For more information about our annual licensing and maintenance program, please contact us.

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